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1990 (33 years old)

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calendar 08 Dec RB Leipzig Wome home team badge - Away Team Badge1. FC Nürnberg
calendar 09 Dec FC Koln Women home team badge - Away Team BadgeVfL Wolfsburg W
calendar 09 Dec SGS Essen Women home team badge - Away Team BadgeSC Freiburg Wom
calendar 10 Dec MSV Duisburg Wo home team badge - Away Team BadgeWerder Bremen W
calendar 10 Dec Eintracht Frank home team badge - Away Team Badge1899 Hoffenheim
calendar 11 Dec Bayern Munich W home team badge - Away Team BadgeBayer Leverkuse
calendar 15 Dec Bayer Leverkuse home team badge - Away Team BadgeMSV Duisburg Wo
calendar 16 Dec FC Koln Women home team badge - Away Team BadgeSGS Essen Women
calendar 16 Dec SC Freiburg Wom home team badge - Away Team BadgeEintracht Frank
calendar 17 Dec 1899 Hoffenheim home team badge - Away Team BadgeRB Leipzig Wome

Latest Results
calendar badge 20 Nov SC Freiburg Wom home team badge3 - 3 away badge FC Koln Women
calendar badge 19 Nov Bayer Leverkuse home team badge1 - 1 away badge RB Leipzig Wome
calendar badge 19 Nov Werder Bremen W home team badge0 - 2 away badge Bayern Munich W
calendar badge 18 Nov 1. FC Nürnberg home team badge0 - 2 away badge Eintracht Frank
calendar badge 18 Nov VfL Wolfsburg W home team badge2 - 0 away badge MSV Duisburg Wo
calendar badge 17 Nov 1899 Hoffenheim home team badge0 - 3 away badge SGS Essen Women
calendar badge 13 Nov FC Koln Women home team badge1 - 2 away badge 1899 Hoffenheim
calendar badge 12 Nov Bayern Munich W home team badge2 - 0 away badge MSV Duisburg Wo
calendar badge 12 Nov VfL Wolfsburg W home team badge4 - 0 away badge SC Freiburg Wom
calendar badge 11 Nov SGS Essen Women home team badge5 - 0 away badge 1. FC Nürnberg

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The Frauen-Bundesliga (German for Women's Federal League), currently known as the FLYERALARM Frauen-Bundesliga for sponsorship reasons, is the top level of league competition for women's association football in Germany. In 1990 the German Football Association (DFB) created the German Women's Bundesliga, based on the model of the men's Bundesliga. It was first played with north and south divisions, but in 1997 the groups were merged to form a uniform league. The league currently consists of twelve teams and the seasons usually last from late summer to the end of spring with a break in the winter.

In the UEFA Women's Champions League, the Frauen-Bundesliga is the most successful league with a total of nine titles from four clubs, with 1. FFC Frankfurt winning the most titles of any club.
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1. FC Nürnberg
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1899 Hoffenheim
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Bayer Leverkuse
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Bayern Munich W
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Eintracht Frank
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FC Koln Women
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MSV Duisburg Wo
Team Badge
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RB Leipzig Wome
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SC Freiburg Wom
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SGS Essen Women
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VfL Wolfsburg W
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Werder Bremen W

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