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2012 (10 years old)


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Treviso, Veneto, Italy


Italian Lega Basket
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Universo Treviso Basket (diminutive TvB), known for sponsorship reasons as NutriBullet Treviso, is an Italian professional basketball club based in Treviso, Veneto. Founded in 2012, it plays in the Italian basketball first division Lega Basket Serie A (LBA) since the 2019–20 season.

For past club sponsorship names, see sponsorship names.

Following the Benetton family's planned withdrawal from professional basketball that would occur in July 2012 and see Benetton Treviso without backing, the Universo Treviso consortium was launched in March 2012 with the goal to assure the club's continued presence as a professional outfit. Former players, chief of which Riccardo Pittis who served as the consortium's guarantor, were at the basis of the initiative.

After overcoming some hurdles thanks to the efforts of the like of Pittis, Claudio Coldebella and Paolo Vazzoler (named president), the consortium managed to obtain enough funding to create a new club on 4 July 2012, with funds from five local businessmen and the sixty-seven firms involved in the consortium. The new company managing the club, Treviso Basket s.r.l., was given Benetton Treviso's sporting rights for free, though the latter had earlier withdrawn from the first division Serie A in order to apply for the amateur leagues (as a youth club). However, the Italian Basketball Federation, who decide which clubs are admitted into the national leagues, refused Treviso Basket's application to join the Serie A, a decision upheld by the Federal Court on 2 August 2012. The explanation by Federation president Dino Meneghin was that admitting the newly created organisation would go against league rules and create an unsustainable legal precedent (indebted clubs - not the case of Benetton Treviso - forming a new organisation to stay in the league), Meneghin also bemoaned the lack of reaction since Benetton announced its withdrawal eighteen months beforehand and the fact that the two entities did not merge.

The club reacted slowly, integrating the amateur Promozione (seventh division) thanks to support from Benetton Treviso transferred them their Under 19 squad and personnel. Treviso Basket earned promotion to the Serie D by winning the 2012-13 Promozione championship playoffs. It then considered a number of options to reach a higher level immediately, of which buying sporting rights from indebted clubs (requiring to service the debt as well). The side would earn a wild card to the fourth-division Divisione Nazionale B, finishing the regular season in fourth place before being eliminated in the promotion playoff quarterfinals.

After buying the sporting rights of B.N.B. Corato, Universo Basket Treviso, the renamed Treviso Basket 2012 (the 2012 having been added earlier at the Italian federation's request), moved into the Serie A2 Silver, the nominal third division but soon to be merged with the second division Serie A2 Gold. Treviso would go on to win a shock 2014-15 Serie A2 Silver title in regular season, moving on to the joint Gold/Silver playoffs where they lost in the first round.

In June 17, 2019, after beating Benfapp Capo d'Orlando in Game-3 of the Serie A2 Playoffs, Treviso achieved the promotion to the LBA.

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PalaVerde is an indoor sporting arena located in Villorba near Treviso, Italy. Opened in September 1983 it has been used mainly for basketball and volleyball.

The PalaVerde was constructed under the impulsion and with the funding of the Benetton Group. The professional basketball club they owned, Benetton Treviso, had had to play in Padua because the arenas in Treviso, such as the Natatorio sports complex, were not up to the standards of the professional basketball leagues. Tired of the slow progress, if not end, of the municipality's efforts to offer a suitable arena, the Benetton family proceeded to have the arena built.

In addition to hosting basketball and volleyball (see tenants), the arena has been the venue for tennis, karate and dancing competitions whilst also hosting a number of major concerts from artists such as Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, The Cure, Oasis, The Cranberries and Marilyn Manson. It was chosen to host the 2011 Eurocup Finals in April of that year, and the Italian Cup of women's volleyball Final Four in 2014.

The Canadian maple wood court is built into the ground, sitting 15 meters below street level which ensures that all seats have a clear view of the court, over which hangs an NBA style cubic scoreboard with four giant screens. The arena has three VIP lounges, six dressing rooms for players, two for referees and judges, a weight room, a physician's area, a press room and a TV interview room in addition to extensive parking spaces outside.

For concerts, the capacity is upped by a thousand seats as part of the court can be used to give a capacity of more than 6,000, there are three dressing rooms specifically designed for events.

It was the home of Benetton Basket from its opening until the club ceased professional activities in 2012, also hosting Sisley Volley, another Benetton sponsored club, from 1987 to 2011 and neighbours Reyer Venezia Mestre basketball club during the 2011-12 season whilst they were upgrading their stadium.

Since 2012 it has hosted Imoco Volley, a women's professional volleyball club, and since 2014, Universo Treviso Basket, who have replaced Benetton Basket as the city's professional basketball club.




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