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1975 (45 years old)

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Bury, Greater Manchester

Right Back

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1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)





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Gary Alexander Neville (born 18 February 1975) is an English football coach and former player who is a co-owner of Salford City. After retiring from football in 2011, Neville went into punditry and was a commentator for Sky Sports, until he took over the head coach position at Valencia in 2015. After being sacked by the club in 2016, he returned to his position as a pundit for Sky Sports later that year. He was also assistant manager for the England national team from 2012 to 2016.

Neville spent his entire playing career at Old Trafford, making him a one-club man. At the time of his retirement in 2011, he was Manchester United's second longest serving player in the squad, behind long-time teammate Ryan Giggs, and had served as club captain for five years. He is one of the most decorated English and European footballers of all time, having won a total of 20 trophies, including eight Premier League titles and two Champions League titles.

Neville made his international debut in 1995 and was first-choice right-back for England for more than ten years, representing the nation at three European Championships and two World Cups. He is England's most-capped right-back with 85 caps.

Neville is the older brother of twin siblings: his brother, Phil Neville, is a former Manchester United and Everton player, and his sister, Tracey Neville, is a retired netball international.

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Man UnitedAppearancesEFL Cup2010-20111

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2010-20113

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEFL Cup2010-201116

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEnglish Premier League2010-2011206

Man UnitedAppearancesEFL Cup2009-20104

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2009-201017

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup2009-20101

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2009-20106

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League2009-20101

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League2009-20102

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEFL Cup2009-2010267

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEnglish Premier League2009-20101,353

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedFA Cup2009-201090

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedUEFA Champions League2009-2010516

Man UnitedAppearancesEFL Cup2008-20093

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2008-200916

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup2008-20092

Man UnitedAppearancesFIFA Club World Cup2008-20092

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2008-20094

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEFL Cup2008-2009245

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEnglish Premier League2008-20091,075

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedFA Cup2008-2009210

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedFIFA Club World Cup2008-200995

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedUEFA Champions League2008-2009245

EnglandAppearancesEuropean Championships20082

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Community Shield20081

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Super Cup20081

EnglandMinutes PlayedEuropean Championships2008180

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedFA Community Shield200867

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedUEFA Super Cup200876

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2007-20081

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedUEFA Champions League2007-200810

EnglandAppearancesInternational Friendlies20071

EnglandMinutes PlayedInternational Friendlies200764

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2006-200724

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup2006-20073

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2006-20076

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League2006-20074

Man UnitedAssistsFA Cup2006-20071

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEnglish Premier League2006-20071,979

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedFA Cup2006-2007270

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedUEFA Champions League2006-2007540

EnglandAppearancesFIFA World Cup20068

EnglandAppearancesInternational Friendlies20063

EnglandMinutes PlayedFIFA World Cup2006692

EnglandMinutes PlayedInternational Friendlies2006213

Man UnitedAppearancesEFL Cup2005-20065

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2005-200625

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup2005-20063

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2005-20064

Man UnitedAssistsEFL Cup2005-20061

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League2005-20061

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League2005-20061

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEFL Cup2005-2006450

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEnglish Premier League2005-20062,164

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedFA Cup2005-2006208

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedUEFA Champions League2005-2006213

EnglandAppearancesInternational Friendlies20052

EnglandMinutes PlayedInternational Friendlies2005135

Man UnitedAppearancesEFL Cup2004-20051

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2004-200522

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup2004-20054

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2004-20057

Man UnitedAssistsEFL Cup2004-20051

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League2004-20053

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League2004-20051

Man UnitedGoalsUEFA Champions League2004-20051

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEFL Cup2004-200590

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEnglish Premier League2004-20051,890

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedFA Cup2004-2005390

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedUEFA Champions League2004-2005540

EnglandAppearancesEuropean Championships200411

EnglandAppearancesInternational Friendlies20044

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Community Shield20041

EnglandAssistsEuropean Championships20041

EnglandAssistsInternational Friendlies20041

EnglandMinutes PlayedEuropean Championships20041,020

EnglandMinutes PlayedInternational Friendlies2004266

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedFA Community Shield200490

Man UnitedAppearancesEFL Cup2003-20041

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2003-200431

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup2003-20044

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2003-20047

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League2003-20044

Man UnitedAssistsFA Cup2003-20041

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League2003-20041

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League2003-20042

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEFL Cup2003-2004120

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEnglish Premier League2003-20042,735

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedFA Cup2003-2004309

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedUEFA Champions League2003-2004630

EnglandAppearancesInternational Friendlies20032

EnglandMinutes PlayedInternational Friendlies200361

Man UnitedAppearancesEFL Cup2002-20035

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2002-200326

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup2002-20033

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2002-200310

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League2002-20033

Man UnitedGoalsUEFA Champions League2002-20031

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEFL Cup2002-2003450

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEnglish Premier League2002-20031,822

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedFA Cup2002-2003270

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedUEFA Champions League2002-2003774

EnglandAppearancesFIFA World Cup20026

EnglandAppearancesInternational Friendlies20023

EnglandMinutes PlayedFIFA World Cup2002495

EnglandMinutes PlayedInternational Friendlies2002150

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2001-200234

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup2001-20022

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2001-200214

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League2001-20022

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEnglish Premier League2001-20022,793

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedFA Cup2001-2002180

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedUEFA Champions League2001-20021,097

EnglandAppearancesInternational Friendlies20013

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Community Shield20011

EnglandMinutes PlayedInternational Friendlies2001115

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedFA Community Shield200190

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2000-200132

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup2000-20012

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2000-200114

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League2000-20011

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEnglish Premier League2000-20012,849

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedFA Cup2000-2001180

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedUEFA Champions League2000-20011,260

EnglandAppearancesEuropean Championships20007

EnglandAppearancesInternational Friendlies20003

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Community Shield20001

EnglandMinutes PlayedEuropean Championships2000507

EnglandMinutes PlayedInternational Friendlies2000270

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedFA Community Shield200090

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League1999-200022

Man UnitedAppearancesFIFA Club World Cup1999-20003

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League1999-20009

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League1999-20003

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League1999-20001

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEnglish Premier League1999-20001,892

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedFIFA Club World Cup1999-2000270

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedUEFA Champions League1999-2000810

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Super Cup19991

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedUEFA Super Cup199990

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League1998-199932

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup1998-19997

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League1998-199913

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League1998-19993

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League1998-19991

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEnglish Premier League1998-19992,768

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedFA Cup1998-1999681

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedUEFA Champions League1998-19991,170

EnglandAppearancesFIFA World Cup19989

EnglandAppearancesInternational Friendlies19984

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Community Shield19981

EnglandMinutes PlayedFIFA World Cup1998840

EnglandMinutes PlayedInternational Friendlies1998306

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedFA Community Shield199890

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League1997-199834

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup1997-19984

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League1997-19988

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League1997-19983

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League1997-19981

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEnglish Premier League1997-19982,992

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedFA Cup1997-1998282

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedUEFA Champions League1997-1998663

EnglandAppearancesInternational Friendlies19973

EnglandMinutes PlayedInternational Friendlies1997206

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League1996-199731

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup1996-19973

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League1996-199710

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League1996-19973

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League1996-19971

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEnglish Premier League1996-19972,719

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedFA Cup1996-1997270

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedUEFA Champions League1996-1997892

EnglandAppearancesEuropean Championships19964

EnglandAppearancesInternational Friendlies19964

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Community Shield19961

EnglandAssistsEuropean Championships19961

EnglandMinutes PlayedEuropean Championships1996390

EnglandMinutes PlayedInternational Friendlies1996360

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedFA Community Shield199644

Man UnitedAppearancesEFL Cup1995-19961

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League1995-199630

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup1995-19966

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Cup1995-19961

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League1995-19963

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEFL Cup1995-199690

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEnglish Premier League1995-19962,585

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedFA Cup1995-1996450

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedUEFA Cup1995-199690

EnglandAppearancesInternational Friendlies19956

EnglandMinutes PlayedInternational Friendlies1995540

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League1994-199518

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup1994-19954

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League1994-19952

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League1994-19951

Man UnitedAssistsFA Cup1994-19951

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League1994-19951

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEnglish Premier League1994-19951,449

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedFA Cup1994-1995390

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedUEFA Champions League1994-1995111

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League1993-19941

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League1993-19941

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedEnglish Premier League1993-199490

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedUEFA Champions League1993-19947

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Cup1992-19931

Man UnitedMinutes PlayedUEFA Cup1992-19933

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