Heung-Min Son


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1992 (29 years old)

Birth Place
Chuncheon, Gangwon, South Korea


Team Number

1.84 m (6 ft 0 in)

77 kg



adidas X 19+


Sports United GmbH

Market Value

Wage Year
£7,280,000 (£140,000 a week)

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2nd Team
South Korea

English Premier League

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Son Heung-min (Korean: 손흥민 /ˈsɒn ˈhʊŋ.mɪn/; born 8 July 1992) is a South Korean professional footballer who plays as a forward for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur and captains the South Korea national team.

Widely regarded as one of the best wingers in the world and also one of the best Asian players in European football history, Son is often considered an icon in his home country and in Asia, and was nominated for the Ballon d'Or in 2019, the highest-ever rank so far by an Asian player. Son was also the first Asian player in history to score more than 50 goals in the Premier League.

Born in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, Son joined Hamburger SV at the age of 16 and debuted in the German Bundesliga in 2010. In 2013, he moved to Bayer Leverkusen for a club record €10 million before signing for Tottenham for £22 million two years later, becoming the most expensive Asian player in history. While at Tottenham, Son became the top Asian goalscorer in both Premier League and Champions League history, and surpassed Cha Bum-kun's record for most goals scored by a Korean player in European competition. In 2019, he became the second Asian in history to reach and start a UEFA Champions League final after fellow countryman Park Ji-sung.

A full international since 2010, Son has represented South Korea at the 2014 and 2018 FIFA World Cups and is his country's highest scorer in the World Cup jointly with Park Ji-sung and Ahn Jung-hwan with three goals. Son has also represented South Korea at the 2018 Asian Games, where the team won gold, as well as the 2011, 2015 and 2019 editions of the AFC Asian Cup. Korea was runner-up in 2015.

Season Stats
20 appearances in the current 2021-2022 Season
10 goals scored in the current 2021-2022 Season

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TottenhamGoalsFA Cup2015-20161

LeverkusenMins PlayedGerman Bundesliga2015-201664

LeverkusenMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2015-201645

TottenhamMins PlayedEnglish Premier League2015-20161,103

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LeverkusenAppearancesGerman Bundesliga2014-201530

LeverkusenAppearancesUEFA Champions League2014-201510


LeverkusenAssistsGerman Bundesliga2014-20153

LeverkusenAssistsUEFA Champions League2014-20151

LeverkusenGoalsGerman Bundesliga2014-201511

LeverkusenGoalsUEFA Champions League2014-20155


LeverkusenMins PlayedGerman Bundesliga2014-20152,289

LeverkusenMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2014-2015785

LeverkusenMins PlayedDFB-Pokal2014-2015107

South KoreaAppearancesInternational Friendlies20149

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LeverkusenAssistsGerman Bundesliga2013-20144

LeverkusenAssistsUEFA Champions League2013-20142


LeverkusenGoalsGerman Bundesliga2013-201410


LeverkusenMins PlayedGerman Bundesliga2013-20142,387

LeverkusenMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2013-2014508

LeverkusenMins PlayedDFB-Pokal2013-2014330

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HamburgAssistsGerman Bundesliga2012-20132

HamburgGoalsGerman Bundesliga2012-201312

HamburgMins PlayedGerman Bundesliga2012-20132,701

HamburgMins PlayedDFB-Pokal2012-201385

South KoreaAppearancesFIFA World Cup20122

South KoreaAppearancesInternational Friendlies20121

South KoreaMins PlayedFIFA World Cup201264

South KoreaMins PlayedInternational Friendlies201258

HamburgAppearancesGerman Bundesliga2011-201227


HamburgAssistsGerman Bundesliga2011-20121

HamburgGoalsGerman Bundesliga2011-20125

HamburgMins PlayedGerman Bundesliga2011-20121,216

HamburgMins PlayedDFB-Pokal2011-2012215

South KoreaAppearancesAFC Asian Cup20114

South KoreaAppearancesFIFA World Cup20113

South KoreaAppearancesInternational Friendlies20111

South KoreaGoalsAFC Asian Cup20111

South KoreaMins PlayedAFC Asian Cup2011131

South KoreaMins PlayedFIFA World Cup2011107

South KoreaMins PlayedInternational Friendlies201145

HamburgAppearancesGerman Bundesliga2010-201113


HamburgGoalsGerman Bundesliga2010-20113

HamburgMins PlayedGerman Bundesliga2010-2011720

HamburgMins PlayedDFB-Pokal2010-201128

South KoreaAppearancesInternational Friendlies20101

South KoreaMins PlayedInternational Friendlies201045

Hamburg IIAppearancesGerman Regionalliga Nord2009-20106

Hamburg IIGoalsGerman Regionalliga Nord2009-20101

Hamburg IIMins PlayedGerman Regionalliga Nord2009-2010313

Heung-Min Son
English Premier League
Latest Season
30 Appearances

11 Assists

11 Goals

2,486 Mins Played
Previous Season
31 Appearances

7 Assists

12 Goals

2,048 Mins Played

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