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Upcoming Events
calendar 09 Dec Crvena Zvezda home team badge - Away Team BadgeMladost Lučani
calendar 09 Dec Železničar Pa home team badge - Away Team BadgeSpartak Subotic
calendar 09 Dec Radnički 1923 home team badge0 - 0 Away Team BadgeTSC Bačka Topo
calendar 10 Dec Radnik Surdulic home team badge - Away Team BadgeVoždovac
calendar 10 Dec IMT Novi Beogra home team badge - Away Team BadgeNovi Pazar
calendar 10 Dec Javor Ivanjica home team badge - Away Team BadgeCukaricki
calendar 11 Dec Vojvodina home team badge - Away Team BadgeNapredak Kruše
calendar 11 Dec Radnički Niš home team badge - Away Team BadgePartizan Belgra
calendar 16 Dec Radnički Niš home team badge - Away Team BadgeVojvodina
calendar 16 Dec Partizan Belgra home team badge - Away Team BadgeRadnički 1923

Latest Results
calendar badge 03 Dec Napredak Kruše home team badge0 - 1 away badge Crvena Zvezda
calendar badge 03 Dec Cukaricki home team badge4 - 1 away badge Radnički 1923
calendar badge 03 Dec TSC Bačka Topo home team badge1 - 0 away badge Radnički Niš
calendar badge 02 Dec Mladost Lučani home team badge1 - 0 away badge Železničar Pa
calendar badge 02 Dec Voždovac home team badge4 - 0 away badge IMT Novi Beogra
calendar badge 02 Dec Partizan Belgra home team badge3 - 1 away badge Vojvodina
calendar badge 01 Dec Spartak Subotic home team badge1 - 0 away badge Radnik Surdulic
calendar badge 01 Dec Novi Pazar home team badge2 - 0 away badge Javor Ivanjica
calendar badge 27 Nov Javor Ivanjica home team badge4 - 0 away badge Voždovac
calendar badge 26 Nov Radnički Niš home team badge0 - 2 away badge Cukaricki

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The Serbian SuperLiga (Serbian: Суперлига Србије / Superliga Srbije), known as the Linglong Tire SuperLiga for sponsorship reasons, is a Serbian professional league for football clubs.

At the top of the Serbian football league system, it is the country's primary football competition. It is contested by 16 clubs, operating a system of promotion and relegation with the Serbian First League (Prva liga Srbija, second Serbian football tier).

The SuperLiga was formed during the summer of 2005 as the country's top football league competition in Serbia and Montenegro. Since summer 2006 after the secession of Montenegro from Serbia, the league only has had Serbian clubs.

Serbian clubs used to compete in the Yugoslav First League. This competition was formed in 1923 and lasted until 2003. After the downfall of SFR Yugoslavia in 1991 a new Yugoslavia would be formed that would be named FR Yugoslavia with Montenegro and Serbia. They kept the name Yugoslavia until 2003 when the country changed its name to Serbia and Montenegro: this union lasted until 2006 when Montenegro gained independence and formed its own league, the Montenegrin First League.

The current SuperLiga champions are Red Star Belgrade. UEFA currently ranks the league 18th in Europe of 55 leagues. The league was known as Meridian Prva liga/Super liga from 2004 until 2008. The league's official sponsor until 2015 was beer brand Jelen pivo, thus resulted in the league's official name to be Jelen SuperLiga.
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Crvena Zvezda
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IMT Novi Beogra
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Javor Ivanjica
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Mladost Lučani
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Napredak Kruše
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Novi Pazar
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Partizan Belgra
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Radnički 1923
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Radnički Niš
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Radnik Surdulic
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Spartak Subotic
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TSC Bačka Topo
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Železničar Pa

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