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1974 (49 years old)

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Upcoming Events
calendar 09 Dec Austria Klagenf home team badge - Away Team BadgeAustria Vienna
calendar 09 Dec Rapid Vienna home team badge - Away Team BadgeSV Salzburg
calendar 09 Dec Austria Lustena home team badge - Away Team BadgeLASK
calendar 10 Dec Sturm Graz home team badge - Away Team BadgeSC Rheindorf Al
calendar 10 Dec FC BW Linz home team badge - Away Team BadgeWSG Swarovski T
calendar 10 Dec TSV Hartberg home team badge - Away Team BadgeWolfsberger AC
calendar 10 Feb SV Salzburg home team badge - Away Team BadgeSturm Graz
calendar 10 Feb LASK home team badge - Away Team BadgeAustria Klagenf
calendar 10 Feb Wolfsberger AC home team badge - Away Team BadgeRapid Vienna
calendar 10 Feb Austria Vienna home team badge - Away Team BadgeTSV Hartberg

Latest Results
calendar badge 05 Dec WSG Swarovski T home team badge1 - 2 away badge Rapid Vienna
calendar badge 05 Dec SC Rheindorf Al home team badge3 - 0 away badge Austria Lustena
calendar badge 04 Dec Austria Klagenf home team badge1 - 1 away badge TSV Hartberg
calendar badge 03 Dec Austria Vienna home team badge0 - 0 away badge LASK
calendar badge 03 Dec FC BW Linz home team badge1 - 1 away badge Sturm Graz
calendar badge 03 Dec SV Salzburg home team badge1 - 0 away badge Wolfsberger AC
calendar badge 26 Nov SC Rheindorf Al home team badge0 - 1 away badge Austria Klagenf
calendar badge 26 Nov Rapid Vienna home team badge1 - 0 away badge FC BW Linz
calendar badge 26 Nov Wolfsberger AC home team badge1 - 0 away badge Austria Vienna
calendar badge 25 Nov LASK home team badge1 - 0 away badge WSG Swarovski T

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The Austrian Football Bundesliga (German: Österreichische Fußball-Bundesliga , Austrian Football Federal League) is the highest-ranking national league club competition in Austrian football. The competition decides the Austrian national football champions, as well the country's entrants for the various European cups run by UEFA. Since Austria stayed in sixteenth place in the UEFA association coefficient rankings at the end of the 2015–16 season, the league gained its first spot for the UEFA Champions League. The Austrian Bundesliga, which began in the 1974–75 season, has been a separate registered association since 1 December 1991. It has been most won by the two Viennese giants Austria Wien, who were national champions 21 times, and Rapid Wien, who won the national title 32 times. Rapid’s Last title was in the 2007–08 Season. The current champions are Red Bull Salzburg. Hans Rinner is president of the Austrian Bundesliga. The Austrian Football Bundesliga is currently known as Tipico Bundesliga for sponsorship reasons.
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Austria Klagenf
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Austria Lustena
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Austria Vienna
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FC BW Linz
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Rapid Vienna
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SC Rheindorf Al
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Sturm Graz
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SV Salzburg
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TSV Hartberg
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Wolfsberger AC
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WSG Swarovski T

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