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Tokiwayama stable (常盤山部屋, Tokiwayama-beya) is a stable of sumo wrestlers, part of the Nishonoseki ichimon or group of stables. As of January 2022, it had 9 wrestlers.

It was founded as Chiganoura stable in September 2004 by former sekiwake Masudayama, who branched off from Kasugano stable of the Dewanoumi ichimon at the unusually late age of 53, after he lost out to Tochinowaka in his bid to take over Kasugano stable. He took four wrestlers with him from Kasugano stable, the last of whom, Burinosato, retired in March 2019. In April 2016 the former Takamisugi took over the running of the stable when ex-Masudayama reached the mandatory retirement age of 65, and aligned the stable with the Takanohana ichimon, leaving the Dewanoumi ichimon. The former Chiganoura changed to Tokiwayama and was re-employed by the stable as a consultant for five years. In June 2018 the Takanohana ichimon dissolved and Chiganoura joined the Ōnomatsu group, with ex-Masudayama choosing to be unaffiliated. In September, the stable joined the Nishonoseki group and on 1 October Chiganoura adopted the wrestlers and staff from the defunct Takanohana stable following the resignation of Takanohana from the Japan Sumo Association. In November Takakeishō won the top division championship in his first tournament for his new stable, and in March 2019 he was promoted to ōzeki. In November 2020, as former Masudayama's retirement approached, as part of a previous agreement, former Takamisugi and former Masudayama swapped back their elder names, and former Takamisugi changed the name of the stable to his original elder name, Tokiwayama.

Until 2021 it was located in Taitō nearby the Sensō-ji temple, and operated out of the same building as the old Takasago stable, before it merged with the Wakamatsu stable. In February 2021 the stable moved to new premises in Maeno-chō, Itabashi ward. The old premises are set to be used by Tatsunami stable, with Chiganoura Oyakata continuing to live there until his consultancy period ends in November 2021 and he leaves the Sumo Association.

It was home to the only Hungarian in professional sumo, Masutōō, who was on the podium at the 2004 Junior Sumo World Championships alongside Tochinoshin, Gōeidō and Kaisei but did not progress beyond the makushita division in professional sumo.

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