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04/05 Peñarol home team badge 35 - 17home team badge Selknam
27/04 Selknam home team badge 43 - 15home team badge Cobras
12/04 Peñarol home team badge 19 - 25home team badge Cobras
09/03 Selknam home team badge 23 - 25home team badge Peñarol
02/03 Cobras home team badge 20 - 30home team badge Selknam
17/02 Cobras home team badge 15 - 13home team badge Peñarol
26/05 Peñarol home team badge 31 - 8home team badge Selknam
13/05 Peñarol home team badge 15 - 38home team badge Cobras
06/05 Selknam home team badge 33 - 17home team badge Cobras
24/03 Selknam home team badge 24 - 35home team badge Peñarol

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Super Rugby Americas (SRA) is a franchise rugby union tournament format in the Americas that began its first season in February 2023 after efforts by World Rugby. It is organized and led by Sudamérica Rugby, the highest rugby entity in South America.

The tournament includes seven teams through franchises. The holding of this tournament in the Americas has the precedent of the extinct Superliga Americana de Rugby (SLAR) (English: American Rugby Superleague), a precursor competition.

The name Super Rugby Americas was proposed by World Rugby to draw a parallel with Super Rugby Pacific, a competition made up of franchises from Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand.


SLAR was first announced in April 2019, with plans of forming between six and eight professional franchises, two each in Uruguay and Brazil, meanwhile Argentina and Chile were to get a franchise each with plans to add two teams in 2021 with an additional team in Argentina and one from Paraguay. In November, SLAR's plans changed to a league of seven clubs, two each in Brazil and Uruguay with one team each in Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay. Officially sanctioned by Sudamérica Rugby, which is consequently part of World Rugby, the league was officially launched in November 29, 2019.

At the official announcement, SLAR confirmed the number of the teams for the 2020 season was set at five for the regular season due to the economic issues but SLAR was expected to be expanded at some point in the future, possibly in 2021. Cafeteros Pro (Colombia) joined at the end of the regular season to play a home and away series against the 5th-place finisher in the 2020 season before joining the league full-time.

The tournament could be played without problems in 2021 and 2022. During 2022, there were already ideas to carry out a joint competition between the franchises that contested the SLAR and teams from North America. During the season, the Challenge Cup of the Americas, a friendly rugby cup, was played on an experimental way.

SRA (since 2023)

As it is a competition with franchises, the impact of the SLAR was in doubt. According to South American specialists, the success achieved by the tournament was relative but after various requests from institutions to join and participate in a larger tournament, World Rugby requested the expansion of the format towards a more ambitious and regional competition.

Once the news was released, Wenceslao Tejerina, High Performance Manager for Chile, announced that they were working on a new tournament. After the announcement of the new contest, the Uruguayan Sebastián Piñeyrúa, director of the South American entity, issued the following statement: "Due to the success obtained in the American Rugby Super League in the two full seasons of 2021 and 2022, from South America Rugby, SLAR organizers, we are in the middle of negotiations with national unions in North and Central America, to plan the future growth of Rugby in the continent, for this reason, we are working with all the member unions and franchises participating in SLAR 2022, to plan and develop future competitions, by franchises and international. On October 27, the format will be presented and details of the new professional competition of the Americas will be given".

In this way, after efforts by Sudamérica Rugby and World Rugby, the emergence of Super Rugby Americas was announced in October 2022, a tournament that will also be organized by USA Rugby and Rugby Canada, which will include most of the clubs that competed in SLAR 2022 with the addition of franchises from the United States and Canada.

According to the High Performance Manager of South America Rugby, Daniel Hourcade, the Unión Argentina de Rugby will also incorporate more franchises in the next editions of the new league.
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