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1899 (125 years old)

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29/06 Alumni home team badge - Away Team Badge Hindú
29/06 Belgrano home team badge - Away Team Badge San Luis
29/06 Buenos Aires home team badge - Away Team Badge Regatas
29/06 Newman home team badge - Away Team Badge C.A. San Isi
06/07 Hindú home team badge - Away Team Badge San Luis
06/07 Newman home team badge - Away Team Badge CUBA
06/07 Buenos Aires home team badge - Away Team Badge C.A. San Isi
06/07 Belgrano home team badge - Away Team Badge Regatas
14/07 C.A. San Isi home team badge - Away Team Badge Belgrano
14/07 CUBA home team badge - Away Team Badge Buenos Aires

22/06 Hindú home team badge 26 - 13home team badge Belgrano
22/06 San Isidro C home team badge 22 - 31home team badge Alumni
22/06 San Luis home team badge 28 - 22home team badge Buenos Aires
22/06 Regatas home team badge 18 - 35home team badge Newman
08/06 Alumni home team badge 9 - 22home team badge Belgrano
08/06 Buenos Aires home team badge 26 - 17home team badge Hindú
08/06 San Isidro C home team badge 30 - 31home team badge CUBA
08/06 Newman home team badge 59 - 15home team badge San Luis
01/06 Hindú home team badge 22 - 40home team badge Newman
01/06 CUBA home team badge 44 - 26home team badge Alumni

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The URBA Top 12 (formerly "Torneo de la URBA") is an Argentine rugby union club competition organised by the Buenos Aires Rugby Union (URBA). It is the top division of the Argentine rugby league system. Created on 10 April 1899 by the "River Plate Rugby Union" (current Argentine Rugby Union – UAR), the Top 13 is the oldest rugby competition in South America and one of the oldest club competitions in the world.

Top 12 is one of the country's two main club competitions, along with Torneo del Interior, where clubs from the rest of the Provinces of Argentina take part. The championship runs from March to October.

Despite being from the city of Rosario in Santa Fe Province, Atlético del Rosario take part in Top 12 as founding member of the UAR. The other clubs from Rosario compete in tournaments organised by the Rosario governing body.
Until 1997 a league system was used, if two or more clubs finished with the same number of points they would share the title. This happened several times, including in 1939 when a record 3 clubs had to share the title. To remedy this, a play-off system leading to a grand final was instaured in 1998. This new system has been in use since then, except in 2001.

In 1998, the URBA introduced the playoff system, with a final match in a neutral venue to determine a unique champion of the season. New changes to the rules were added in 2008, when the fourteen best placed teams at the end of the regular season were eligible to play a second stage, named "Top 14". Every club played each other only once in a single-robin championship (either home or away). At the end of this phase, the first 4 clubs qualified for the semi-finals of the tournament, with the first ranked team meeting the fourth and the second meeting the third. Both semi-finals took place on the same weekend on neutral ground (usually the Club Atlético San Isidro stadium). The winner was crowned URBA champion. This system has remained (with minor changes) since then. The rest of the clubs played in a promotion and relegation competition named "Torneo Reubicación".

Both the URBA winner and runner-up qualified for the Nacional de Clubes semi-finals, where they met the winner and runner-up of Torneo del Interior. The winner of that competition was declared Argentine champion.

In 2016, the URBA introduced changes in the tournament's format for the 2017 season, with the "Top 14" being reduced to 12 teams (therefore renamed "Top 12") and becoming an independent championship, with all of the teams playing each other in a double round-robin tournament (home and away games).

As a result of those changes, the Buenos Aires league system was divided into six tiers. The new format also stated that the four best placed teams at the end of the season, would play the semifinals while the two worst placed would be relegated to the second division.
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