Free Sports API

The free JSON sports API will always remain free at point of access for basic sports data.
All example links should be testable in the browser. Use JSONview extension to format the data.

Test API Keys
Free users can use the test API key "3" during development of your app or for educational use.

API Limits
The Rate limiter will kick in if you make over 100 requests per minute on our API with a 429 response

Free Sports API Upgrade
$7 Patreon supporters get a dedicated production API key with special features.
Premium keys include 2min livescores, Video Highlights and all other upgraded features.

Email: [email protected] - Please state if you are a Patreon Supporter


Search for team by name

Search for team short code

Search for all players from team patreon icon

Search for players by name{APIKEY}/searchplayers.php?t={TeamName}&p={Playername}

Search for event by event name

Search for event by event file name

NOTE: You can replace spaces '%20' with underscores if you want, when requesting multi word strings.


List all sports patreon icon

List all leagues (limited 50 on free tier)

List all countries

List all Leagues in a country (limited 50 on free tier)

List all Seasons in a League

List all Teams in a League

List All teams details in a league by Id patreon icon

List All players in a team by Team Id patreon icon

List all users loved teams and players


League Details by Id patreon icon

Team Details by Id patreon icon

Player Details by Id

Event Details by Id patreon icon

Event Statistics by Id patreon icon

Event Lineup by Id patreon icon

List timeline for events by event ID patreon icon

Player Honours by Player Id

Player Milestones by Player Id

Player Former Teams by Player Id

Player Contracts by Player Id

Event Results by Event Id

Event TV by Event Id patreon icon

Lookup Table by League ID and Season

Lookup Equipment by Team ID


Next 5 Events by Team Id patreon icon

Next 15 Events by League Id patreon icon

Last 5 Events by Team Id (Limited to home team for free tier)

Last 15 Events by League Id patreon icon

Events in a specific round by league id/round/season

Events on a specific day patreon icon

TV Events on a day (By Sport/Date/TV Station Country) patreon icon

All events in specific league by season (Free tier limited to 100 events)

NOTE: These round numbers relate to special strings:
Round 125 = Quarter-Final
Round 150 = Semi-Final
Round 160 = Playoff
Round 170 = Playoff Semi-Final
Round 180 = Playoff Final
Round 200 = Final
Round 500 = Pre-Season


Preview Images
Most of the time you won't want to download the original large image, just get a small preview.
This is possible simple by adding ''/preview'' onto the end URL. This will give you a small 200px version.
Original Image - /images/media/league/fanart/xpwsrw1421853005.jpg
Small 250px Image - /images/media/league/fanart/xpwsrw1421853005.jpg/preview
Tiny 50px Image - /images/media/league/badge/pdd43f1610891709.png/tiny

Video Highlights patreon icon
Latest Event Youtube Highlights{APIKEY}/eventshighlights.php{APIKEY}/eventshighlights.php?d=2019-10-13{APIKEY}/eventshighlights.php?d=2019-10-12&l=WTA%20Tour{APIKEY}/eventshighlights.php?l=MLB{APIKEY}/eventshighlights.php?s=Soccer{APIKEY}/eventshighlights.php?s=Soccer&d=2020-02-15

Larger API Limits patreon icon
Show ALL events from season (developer key is limited to 250 events).

Livescores V1 patreon icon
NOTE: V2 is now recommended for livescore
These are just a static examples for non-patreon
Soccer -
NCAA Basketball -
NCAA Football -
Basketball -
American Football -
Ice Hockey -
Baseball -
NOTE: Updated LIVE every 2mins for Patreon

Livescore V2 patreon icon

NOTE: All v2 events link to events on our site directly.