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curswine (2,735 edits)
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n1md4 (329 edits)
Ovokx (303 edits)
Schnitz37 (220 edits)
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Esbjerg 0-4 FC Cope (Sat 23 Jul)
Portland 1-2 L.A. Ga (Sat 23 Jul)
Real Sal 1-1 San Jos (Sat 23 Jul)
AGF Aarh 2-1 Viborg (Fri 22 Jul)
FC Midtj 2-2 Randers (Mon 18 Jul)


Golden 89-93 Clevel (Sun 19 Jun)
Clevel 115-101 Golden (Thu 16 Jun)
Golden 97-112 Clevel (Mon 13 Jun)
Clevel 97-108 Golden (Fri 10 Jun)
Clevel 120-90 Golden (Wed 08 Jun)

American Football

Carolina 10-24 Denver (Sun 07 Feb)
Denver B - New Eng (Sun 24 Jan)
Carolina - Arizona (Sun 24 Jan)
Denver B - Pittsbu (Sun 17 Jan)
Carolina - Seattle (Sun 17 Jan)


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New Sou 18-14 Queensl (Wed 13 Jul)
Queensl 26-16 New Sou (Wed 22 Jun)
New Sou 4-6 Queensl (Wed 01 Jun)
Hull Ki - Hull F. (Fri 25 Mar)
Salford - Catalan (Fri 25 Mar)

Ice Hockey

San Jose 1-3 Pittsbur (Sun 12 Jun)
Pittsbur 2-4 San Jose (Thu 09 Jun)
San Jose 1-3 Pittsbur (Mon 06 Jun)
San Jose 3-2 Pittsbur (Sat 04 Jun)
Pittsbur 2-1 San Jose (Wed 01 Jun)


SmackDown (Tue 19 Jul)
Monday Night RAW (Mon 18 Jul)
SmackDown (Thu 14 Jul)
Monday Night RAW (Mon 11 Jul)
UFC 200 Tate vs Nunes (Sat 09 Jul)


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angel1763 (280 results)
Schnitz37 (205 results)
zag (136 results)
n1md4 (107 results)
Dhene (58 results)
Ovokx (49 results)


New York 3-7 Kansas C (Thu 12 May)
Wind Cit - Joliet S (Thu 12 May)
Lake Eri - River Ci (Thu 12 May)
New York - Atlanta (Mon 02 May)
Pittsbur - St. Loui (Sun 03 Apr)


GoPro Motorrad Grand P (Sun 17 Jul)
Circuit Park Zandvoort (Sun 17 Jul)
Iowa Corn 300 (Sun 10 Jul)
British Grand Prix (Sun 10 Jul)
Spa (Sat 09 Jul)


RBC Canadian Open (Thu 21 Jul)
Barbasol Championshi (Thu 14 Jul)
The Open Championshi (Thu 14 Jul)
145th OPEN CHAMPIONS (Thu 14 Jul)
The Greenbrier Class (Thu 07 Jul)


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